Debugging blender on linux using VSCode GDB C++ crazy slow

New to blender code. I had QT-Creator set up and working quite well beside the known issues on the dev doc. To get myself familiar with the code I watched the blender devs “Dive into the code” and Dalai setup was tempting on VSCode…
I gave it a try and followed the instruction on how to set up the IDE. everything working fine except:
starting a debug session is extremely slow. when the execution hit a break-point I will have to wait for more than a minute for VSCode to display the variables and call stack. while Qt-creator was doing it at the same time in less than half a second.

anyone experimented this issue? any solutions?
highly doubting I’m missing something cause the blender devs are using it.

Thanks in advance.

For debugging I often switch to LLDB. Have you tried to install that debugger?

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@Jeroen-Bakker Thanks, never heard of it honestly, will give it a try.