Dark Mode (experimental) theme for https://developer.blender.org

Are updates planned for the Dark Mode (experimental) theme for https://developer.blender.org/ ?


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What you made is an actual phabricator theme or just a mockup?

There are currently no plans to theme the developer portal as of now, but in the case it’d happen I’d probably follow the dark scheme of code.blender.org (non-saturated colors) to keep things connected.

Hi Pablo.

What you see on my screenshots is what you get after enabling the “Dark Mode (experimental)” theme on the https://developer.blender.org/ website.
Click on your avatar, click on Settings, then click on the “menu” button on the right, then click on Display Preferences.


There are other themes such as “High contrast Colors” or “Use Larger Font Size”…

I would also prefer a Dark (Black - Grey) theme like the one available at https://devtalk.blender.org, I just found and enabled the one that you see on my screenshots.


Great. So it just needs fixing and some nice gray colors.:slight_smile: Full white is tough.

By the way, what happened to the “recent commits” section that used to be on the bottom of the page of developer.blender.org? It vanished out of nowhere.

Just for reference, here is the original topic about this “experimental” theme:

not the same as having something built-in, but I use a chrome addon called ‘Dark Reader’ that works great with devtalk:

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There’s no need…

My default since day one:wink: