Daily Builds Page

I’ve tried asking this question twice now on the weekly Blender Live stream, but as I always arrive late due to work, I think I must be typing the question in a rush as it seems to cause more confusion than clarity. Hopefully I can word it a bit clearer here.
Before the website was updated a few weeks ago, the daily build download page
i.e. this one Blender Builds - blender.org
had a link to the wiki page that listed the latest changes and additions to all the builds currently under development i.e. the release notes.
i.e. this link Reference/Release Notes - Blender Developer Wiki

After the update the release notes link no longer re-directs to the wiki page, instead it goes here.[Link omitted because I can only post two links grrrr, but just follow the release notes link from the daily builds page]
which doesn’t give any information on the progress of the latest builds in alpha etc.

In short the link to the wiki page is missing and it was very useful to check before each update was downloaded to see what had changed.

Can we have it back please

A Latest Changes link to the Wiki has been added to the header.