Cycles x build - hash c77529091f8d has bug in addon code

Hi @brecht just thought you might like to know that the addon code for cycles x has a bug.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Applications/Blender_exp/Cycles-X/", line 386, in enable
  File "/Applications/Blender_exp/Cycles-X/", line 134, in register
  File "/Applications/Blender_exp/Cycles-X/", line 132, in init
  File "/Applications/Blender_exp/Cycles-X/", line 47, in _workaround_buggy_drivers
    if _is_using_buggy_driver():
  File "/Applications/Blender_exp/Cycles-X/", line 29, in _is_using_buggy_driver
    if gpu.platform.vendor_get() == "ATI Technologies Inc.":
AttributeError: module 'gpu' has no attribute 'platform'

Happy to write this up as an issue in the tracker if you like?

Best wishes


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