Cycles standalone updates

There were some recent Cycles standalone updates, here’s an overview for those not following all chat and activity.

  • New official GitHub mirror: GitHub - blender/cycles: The Cycles Render Engine - official mirror
  • Basic GUI support has been restored using SDL. See T91846 for the status.
  • There are new build options for HIP, Metal and the Alembic procedural
  • The master branch is tracking the blender-v3.1-release branch. Once Blender 3.1 is released there will be a tag, and then we’ll track Blender 3.2.
  • Past versions are all tagged with vX.Y.Z convention now. Older tags with different naming conventions have been renamed.

Hi Brecht,

Thanks for that work!
I could build the code on WIndows by building the project files manually. The cmake procedure asks for too much input for my use. I don’t need the GUI.
I only had one issue with the now double files half.h, one from util and one from OpenimageIO. The include sequence seems to be unctronllable from the MSVC include path options. I edited the #include statement in the openimageio file to one containtg a relative path to fix that.

Cycles runs for me with the CPU device.
Is there a documentation how to build for and use GPUs like CUDA/Optix (do I need both at the same time) and AMD (do I need hip there) without cmake?


There is no documentation on how to build without CMake, if you really want to do that you’d need to look at the relevant CMake code and see the commands it uses for building the kernels. But I would not recommend doing that, replicating it is not simple. You may also be missing out on CPU SIMD optimizations by not using CMake.