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Cycles standalone: documentation?

I currently need a programmatic renderer.
The choice is between cycles and luxcore.

I read the repo for the standalone Cycles and I don’t really know how to handle light baking.

Is there a doc I missed, telling you more about the name one should give to the lights (spotlight, area…) in the xml? How to load a specific texture with uv coordinates?
Same for the rendering options, noise level and so on…

I am lost :upside_down_face:


Hi Girole,
the xml format was never really intended for production use and therefore documentation for it hasn’t been written. You can check the example files though examples · rC

To better understand the naming, check NODE_DEFINE in the code. For example to use the wave texture, check the name and its properties in$1435 and then you can use it in the xml file scene_sphere_bump.xml · rC

Best regards,

Hi Thomas,
I saw these examples already but it won’t help me with scene baking unfortunately.

So it basically means that I should use the C++ API?

It means that I will have to update my pipeline continuously to accomodate the cycles version I will integrate?
That’s not an offence of any kind, I just try to measure the amount of work beforehand.


Yes, you can take a look at projects that already integrated Cycles this way as an inspiration, for example :slight_smile:

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Looks like what I was after!

Thanks Thomas :+1:

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