Cycles Standalone - Caustics


My question is about Cycles Standalone (GitHub - blender/cycles: The Cycles Render Engine - official mirror).

I would like to add caustics to a xml scene but I don’t see how to do it.

The scene is attached (3 files), it runs with the command: ./cycles Caustics.xml

I understand that I need to interact with the ‘is_caustics_caster’ and ‘is_caustics_receiver’ parameters of the objects (, but I can’t manage to do it via the xml API.

Could someone please tell me how to proceed?

Note: please be so kind to avoid answers like “the xml API is not a target, you have to use the C++ API, the Python API or Blender directly”. I just want to know if it’s possible via the xml API and, if so, how…
It is within the scope of this project: GitHub - FreeCAD/FreeCAD-render: The Render workbench

Many thanks in advance!

Caustics.xml (1.6 KB)
Caustics_Ground.xml (438 Bytes)
Caustics_Sphere.xml (14.3 KB)

the XML API is an unfinished proof of concept, it lacks various options. If you like to contribute to the API, more options can be added in cycles/cycles_xml.cpp at main - cycles - Blender Projects

Otherwise I suggest to use the C++ API directly or use the Hydra render delegate.

Okay, thanks for your reply! I don’t intend to use the C++ API, so I’ll try to improve the xml API.

For your information: I have submitted a PR (#8 - Cycles Standalone - Expose Object node in XML API - cycles - Blender Projects)


In the same line, I’ve proposed a new PR to add a few more features to the XML API (vertex normals and tangents attributes on meshes).
Here it is: #9 - Expose vertex normals and tangent space attributes in Cycles XML API - cycles - Blender Projects.

Looking forward to your (positive) feedback!