Cycles render settings cleanup


Could be, but caustics is representative enough. Caustics are generally meant as a hard to sample, outlier light paths of high contrast to their surroundings, and all the settings in the caustics rollout are pretty much affecting exactly those.

The thing is that there are quite a few more Cycles settings that introduce bias, such as ray bounces, but those would still end up outside of the “Bias” rollout, which could then imply only those contained within the “Bias” rollout introduce bias, and that would not be true.


Somewhat related, the location of the OSL checkbox is in the wrong spot, it should be near the feature set selection, not hidden in the performance section. Sure OSL is not as fast as SVM but that doesn’t make it a performance option.


@LazyDodo agree, I posted separately about OSL. Render Engine Settings


I made a bunch of changes:

I would like to move the Color Management and Freestyle panels, the only reason they are there is due to a code limitation of Blender native vs. Cycles panels ordering. We have this in a few other places too, I plan to fix that still.


Shouldn’t volume step size be a length property rather than a generic float property? At least I was under the impression it was the literal step distance in meters.


I’ve tried the latest build. The categorization is pretty good now. The rollout order is still messed up though, as Color Management and Freestyle are still on top, above sampling.

This would be a good vertical order in current state:


This is because of a technical reason. The Cycles panels are added via the addon, so the order gets mangled. It’s not ordered this way intentionally, but because of a technical issue.


Hopefully that can be ironed out before the release :slight_smile:


Right, for sure. It’s just important to know that this is a technical issue, not a design issue.


Just a reminder that the order of Cycles rollouts still hasn’t been sorted out. It’s quite awkward that the least relevant rollouts are near the top.