Cycles ARM Build is just a version of Intel Blender?

I downloaded the experimental version of the ARM Cycles branch but it appears to be just the Intel version. The earlier version from @StefanW would show in the Activity monitor that it was definitely an ARM version of Blender, the latest is showing Intel.
M1 Mac had to use Rosette 2 to emulate the latest version on start-up.

There is no macOS Arm build yet on Are you saying you built the latest Blender master branch yourself on an Arm machine, and it made an Intel version? Or did you download a build from somewhere else?

there’s a build of the tmp-macs-arm-cycles branch on

which i assume is a regular intel build that was done to check it still build on intel mac

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This Build

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Ah yeah, as @LazyoDodo explained that was just a build to test if things break on other platforms. I’ve removed it now to avoid confusion.

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Ah, cool… it was a little confusing in the naming scheme, but I guess it makes sense.

Glad y’all are working on it, and we appreciate the attention devoted towards the new OS.