Cut, Copy & Paste are implemented inconsistently

Standard software behaviour is
CTRL + C to copy
CTRL + V to paste
CTRL + X to “cut” (copy and delete simultaneously)

In some editors in blender all three of these are implemented (text editor, not sure if others)
In most contexts only Copy and Paste are implemented (outliner, node editor, object mode in viewport)
Worst of all, in some contexts CTRL+X and CTRL+V are used for other things (for example in edit mode these correspond to “dissolve” and “vertex” menus)

Ensure Cut, Copy, AND Paste are implemented across all editors, and all use the same hotkeys.


If you copy something, it is because you foresee to paste it.
When you use Ctrl X into a text, it is not to make a Ctrl C just after without changing location of cursor.

There is a modification scheduled in between.

But in 3DView, if an object or a mesh part is copied, when it is pasted : copied object is located at same position.
So ctrl X does not make sense in that case. Because what was copied will not be pasted at a different location.
If your interest is to move object to another location : well, just change its location. Deleting it before is not necessary.
If your interest is to temporary make object invisible : just hide the object. Deleting it is also not meaningful in that case.

In edit mode, Ctrl V is used for vertices specials menu like Ctrl E for edges specials menu and Ctrl F for faces specials menu since decades. So Ctrl V is not inconsistent. It is just following a logic you are not used to.
But right click menu was introduced in 2.80. So Ctrl V could become paste in edit mode in future versions.
It depends of popularity of this idea. But it was intentional to keep some shortcuts into previous release to avoid to disorient users in charge to guide newbies through blender abilities.

Cut does not make more sense in edit mode than in object mode.
So, where is the problem to use Ctrl X for dissolve when X is used since decades for delete.

It would only make sense to use Ctrl X for cut if Ctrl C, Ctrl V was relative to 3D Cursor location. But that is not the case.
Because idea behind Copy/Paste for objects is relative copying a part of or a whole scene to another one.

Duplication is handled by Shift D.So, the need is covered. It may not be most obvious shortcut. But it is not really complicated.

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Cutting isn’t just for moving something somewhere else spatially, it’s also for moving something to another context.

For example, cutting vertices from one mesh, going into object mode, selecting a different mesh, going into edit mode, and pasting them. I have seen new users confused by the lack of this functionality more then once.

In the node editors also, CTRL + X seems to delete without populating the clipboard, so cutting/pasting from one datablock or group or place in a graph to another datablock or group or place in a graph feels broken.

In outliner there is also many times where it would be nice to cut collections or datablocks or objects and paste them somewhere else in the tree. Of course this can also be done by click+drag but cut+paste is a standard that many users expect to have as another option.

Functionality is covered by separating selected vertices into a new object to merge with desired one.

I don’t mean there is no value to add cutting. I mean that implies to modify how pasting works, too.
Because currently, it paste things at same location and that does not make sense.

About outliner, it is synchronized with 3DView. It will be weird to make things disappearing in viewport just to move them in another collection.

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This forum is for reporting UI decisions that make new users uncomfortable is it not? I see new users try to cut something to paste it somewhere else. It isn’t a matter of whether that’s the best way to do it or not, it’s a matter of whether it makes sense from the users perspective.

Separating and merging makes no sense to a new user, they expect to be able to cut and paste.

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Many software packages work in many ways, simple packages can easily accommodate cut & paste, more complex ones like Blender cannot in all circumstances, due to the myriad of required ways to manipulate geometry and objects.

What amazes me is that some new users think they can just start slicking away and expect the software to behave like a word processor, which it clearly isn’t. The best ways to learn any product new to you is to either read the manual, watch, or read tutorials, or ask questions on the product’s forum, this applies to any software, not just Blender.

I use an Air Navigation System when flying, I do not expect it to behave like Blender, Pages, Numbers, Word, Excel, etc. This lack of effort into learning how to use a piece of software should not be mitigated by the developers adding endless, unnecessary code to make it conform to other entirely un-related software.

Sorry to be harsh, but this is not the developer’s problem to solve, it is the user’s problem to learn how to use it.

Cheers, Clock.


It would if they could be bothered to read the manual…

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For the record:

  • Part command cuts the selected geometry and pastes it into a new object.
  • Join command joins from one up to many objects into the last one selected.
  • Duplicating geometry then parting pastes a copy of the the selected geometry into a new object.

Moving an object from one collection to another is a simple matter of changing the collection flag, there is no need to copy the object to the paste buffer, delete it from the blend file (cutting) then writing the object exactly as is with the exception of the collection flag (pasting). I cannot imagine an scenario where a user will sit patiently while the systems copies 5million vertices plus their edges and faces (and all the other data) into the paste buffer then writes it back - we would surely get rightful indignation at the time this takes.

CTRL+ C, X, V was introduced many years ago to computers that did not have mice, nowadays most users should be familiar with the concept of “drag-and-drop” - used in Blender to move an object for one collection to another to quote one example and used extensively in most software packages.

This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree with me.

Again, I am under the impression that this forum is for suggesting improvements that would make the UI more intuitive and comfortable for new users. I’m not asking for help, I’m not sure why I’m getting what amounts to an “rtfm” response here.

I did not say that at all, I merely suggested that the manual and other methods, provide the best way to understand the software. Suggestions are welcome, but you must be prepared for them to be argued against if there are reasons for that, I also pointed out why I believe what I wrote.

I would not ever use such terms as “RTFM”, other than in jest with my friends, I don’t believe using such language is appropriate here.

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