Customizing avatars on


Many blender -related websites allow users to log in with blender ID and use Gravatar to manage avatars.

For some reason, while I changed my avatar on my Gravatar account, the only website that doesn’t take this change into account is (there doesn’t seem to be any option in Settings or Profile to reload (update) my avatar).

Websites that have an option to directly change avatars or let Gravatar manage them:

Please, add an option on (like the way it is possible on devtalk or blenderartists) to change our avatars.

Thank you.

Click your profile image in the top right, select manage. On the right hand you’ll find an action Edit profile picture

You’ll be able to upload a new profile picture.

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Thank you for letting me know.
I deserve a facepalm. :man_facepalming:

On a side note, it seems that Gravatar is not (yet) supported. Would be cool if the website did.

It depends if phabricator supports it, a least I couldn’t find anything about that.

Indeed. It seems that Gravatar has been removed from Phabricator :