Custom Windows Build - VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing


I have a custom Blender build, built at Windows 10 Pro with VS 2019. When i build the newest version then i get an blender.exe system error when i move this build to my laptop with Win 7 and try to start it. VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing.

Checking where the problem could be leaded me to some differences in the folders between the official Blender 2.81 release folder, and what i get when compiling from source. There are quite a few differences. For example, blender.lib is missing in the official release now.

I guess it’s static libs in the official release. But i cannot get it to work with my custom build. The error is still there. So i do obviously something wrong. Could somebody please enlighten me? What are the exact steps now to get the same static libs like in the official Blender release build?

Kind regards

It’s an incompatibility with cmake and the latest vs2019 versions, the builds on are made with 2017 so that is why our builds worked.

good news is: It should be fixed in cmake 3.15.5

Minor feedback:

If you have your own build there is no reason to distribute datatoc/makesdna/etc/etc these are only used during the build, when you run cpack -G ZIP or cpack -G 7Z in your build folder, it will package up all the files you need and leave out the ones you don’t just like the buildbot builds

Many thanks LazyDodo. This helps a ton :slight_smile:

And many thanks with the hint towards the obsolete files :slight_smile:

Kind regards Arunderan