Custom Transform Orientation re-design

Continuing the discussion from Blender UI paper cuts:


Building on the proposal from @So3Datel, I would like to see the transform menu look like this.

  • The current selection is not visible until you already hit the plus sign. In my proposal, the current selection is always visible.
  • The plus sign is too far from where the focus area of the custom orientations are, so I moved it to the bottom.
  • The styling of the plus sign is not consistent with other Blender widgets, so I adapted it to conform better.
  • Double click to rename and click to delete remains from the previous proposal.

I like this proposal, very much…

Especially these two buttons are disturbing the standerd of the rest of the UI.

So, In your proposal, It’s is looking more better… and users focus remains on specific task…

Yes, while very very useful the custom transforms have always been a bit of a paint to use IMO as well. To the point that I sometimes avoid using them even when they are the best way to achieve something, and that isn’t ok.