Custom Snapping Increment

Hi there,

Recently I’ve started using blender, though one feature I’ve found a little lackluster is the ability to snap during operations, the main operation I’m looking at is scaling.

I’ve detailed out the exact issue I find with scaling in this stack exchange question.

The main thing I highlight is that when snapping to increment is enabled for an operation, it’s not possible to specify a custom increment for the snap, e.g) when snapping is on for scaling, it increments in 0.1 increments and you can not change this to an arbitrary value.

Due to this constraint and talking to other users of blender I’ve found that many first just scale to an arbitrary amount (this value is not their goal value), and then modify the value in the little window the appears in the bottom left to the correct one.

My Proposition:

I’d like to help contribute something that will allow us to have custom increment snapping values for the 3 main transformation operations: Move, Rotate and Scale.

One potential way this could be done is by extending the snapping menu like this:


Where upon checking “Custom Snapping Values”, the respective value entries set the snapping values for move rotate and scale.

I’m currently following through with the process of contributing code, so my goal is to figure out if the feature is desired and how it should be designed, before spending time coding it.

I have experience programming and working with git, so pointing me to code references and locations in the code base is totally fine.

Remark: One thing I’ve thought of is that if this feature is added is that users may want snapping in all the possible operations, such as beveling and so on, if this is the case then we might need to think of a more robust solution as adding individual entries in the increment snapping menu may become unwieldy


When doing this it would be a good idea to check that it doesn’t conflict with other plans for incremental snapping.

It certainly is…
The “Configurable rotation angle increments” patch was pretty much ready to land… but looks like the author is not around anymore… :thinking:

Maybe you can take it from here? :wink:


Wow, thats really unfortunate :frowning:
Always seems weird that snap rotation is hard coded to 5 degrees, I wish it was at least 15 by default.

This features is still asked why nobody work on it and we have no any update ?

Damn yes 15° instead of 5 would save me so much time, but yea so strange that’s not been made a priority years ago, I google it often since 3-4 years, I’m still incredulous how this was not setup from the start, seems to obvious that increments are important for snapping, and snapping is important for 3D.

Customizable Rotation Snap Increment Values got merged 2 months ago.


Yes but here we want the oppotunity to custom also the movement and the scale :wink:

Not the priority feature for blender team… like auto exposure still asked… still nobody works on it :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Wow nice, I don’t see the rotation increment in 4.1, will it be in 4.2 ?
(for auto-exposure I found a node group, I think on some patreon, but was very cheap, I think it even works in eevee viewport)


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