Custom Shader Node reading PSD file to extract specific group or layer from psd file

Hi ! the last few months i’ve been working a lot with blender and photoshop.
I often use the camera projection technique which require a lot of layering from psd files.
I’d like to create a custom Image Texture Node that would read and extract a specific layer or group from the psd file. (Like for instance, you would put a filepath in the filepathbar then, there would be a bar that would display the group/layer of the psd file).

I was wondering if there were already existing addons that can do this task. I have some Python knowledge if you have some guides/documentation that you would recommend. (I took a look to the psd-tools documentation)

If you have any idea do not hesitate !

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Blender only supports reading the composited image from a PSD file currently. The best way would be to natively add support for reading PSD files as multilayer images similar to OpenEXR, so that the layer can be selected. This would be implemented in C++. Groups are probably even more complicated since it might require implementing Photoshop layer blending logic to create the corresponding image.

For an add-on, we do ship OpenImageIO Python bindings. Those could be used to save a PSD layer to a separate image file on disk, and then point Blender to that.

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