Custom Empty Object

Hi all,
I wonder if is possible to customize/write a new empty object
Possibly I would like to be able to draw a Cylinder in the viewport and update is width and height in the viewport
Something like the CylinderGizmo in 3dsmax
How can I do this? with class should I look to write in the viewport?

Hi, AFAIK you cannot add more options than the already available shapes (arrows, circle etc.), but you can get around this by drawing a custom Gizmo around an empty

Please, have a look at the template in blender’s text editor menu:

Templates->Python->Gizmo Custom Geometry

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Another idea is to have a normal empty object.

That you give is a special property.

Property Definitions (bpy.props) — Blender Python API

And then having a modal operator, to find it’s position, and draw anything.

However as said. Unless you want to write your own tool and iteract with it you should go for gizmos.

Did you know you can attach a custom image or movie to an Empty?

OK, so it’s only 2D …