CUDA SDK Required

I am building on windows, the release build, the wiki tells me to use only CUDA 9.1 but the build process complains that it cannot find CUDA 10+ . I am using CUDA 9.1 as the wiki requires.

So which one is correct, is 9.1 the latest required or 10+ ?

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CUDA 10+ is required only for building Turing card kernels (RTX 20xx series). The warning messages in the build process also state that afaik, in case rebuilding CUDA kernels is required. Do you have a Turing generation card on your system?

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I wish :smiley:

No my GPU is a pathetic NVIDIA GT 755M (50% processing power of the 755) , I have a late 2013 27’’ iMac, so I am nowhere near those beasts. So looks like Wiki is correct and I should stick with 9.1

Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile: