Cuda nvcc -- nvcc not supported for ths compiler version using blender_cubin_cc

could somebody please tell me if my build environment needs to be optimized or fixed a bit as the compiler outputs a message (see screenshot) that sounds to me like it is using an alternative (cycles_cubin_cc) to an desired option (nvcc).

  • Should i change / update my compiler version?

Just wanted to make sure my local environment is as good as it can be, especially with bug reporting coming up soon. Builds are working and running smoothly so far, so might be just a - mate just ignore it - thing :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot and have a nice day,

→ System Info File:

It’s fine, cycles_cubin_cc is always used on Windows and results are as good as nvcc.

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nvidia’s nvcc compiler is notoriously picky on the msvc version it supports, and with microsoft putting out a new version of visual studio every six weeks and nvidia releasing cuda maybe once or twice a year, you can probably guess how long it takes for nvcc to go ‘unsupported compiler’ and refuse to build the cycles kernels.

So we either had to settle on an ancient version of msvc or work around the issue. cycles_cubin_cc works on all versions of msvc and is used by default for msvc 2017 or newer (2015 will actually still use nvcc)