Creating custom UI for Blender for a project (for a customer) instead of developing new software

It is great to join to the community.

i have a project and i wonder if it is possible to create a custom UI for blender instead of developing a new software from scratch.

is it possible to do ? do you know anyone that can do it ?


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“Costume UI”?
Do you mean “custom UI”?

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If by “is possible”, you mean “does it violate the Laws of Thermodynamics?”, then the answer is no.
If by “is possible” , you mean “will it be super easy, barely an inconvenience?”, then the answer is no.

Based on the requirements you laid out, I suspect you want to create an Add-on.

sounds like he’s looking for application templates ?


Does anyone know if there is an example / minimal base application template to start working from? I’ve looked at the docs and that explains how it works but there’s not a lot of info on how to start building a template from scratch.