Copy links to Clipboard

Hey all,

I’m often copy-pasting links to tasks and patches on dev.b.o, to meeting notes, chat messages, weekly reports, etc. Because this got a bit annoying to do properly, I made a GreaseMonkey script to add a few buttons to the top of the page:

These buttons copy the page ID and the title to the clipboard, in various markups:

Patches and tasks:


  • MD: [T82359: Stronger binding of Active and Selected](
  • Wiki: {{Phab|T82359}}: Stronger binding of Active and Selected



  • MD: [36aeb0ec1e2e: UI: Add temperature units](
  • Wiki (long): {{GitCommit|rB36aeb0ec1e2e}}: UI: Add temperature units
  • Wiki (short): {{GitCommit|rB36aeb0ec1e2e}}


The script can be downloaded from

It’s been tested with Firefox, and requires the Greasemonkey add-on. It may work with a compatible add-on for other browsers, but I haven’t tested that so it’s your own responsibility.

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I did post several copies of an update page of the VCStudio (blender-organizer) on Github, LBRY and here. Good they all used MD file. Interesting idea.
How about just somebody makes it into a standard thing on the devtak? Or is it some kind of separate software template?