Continuous Add and Remove for Cryptomatte


Sometimes when using Cryptomatte the objects to isolate and divide into various passes can be a lot, and the process becomes tedious because you can only Add or Remove one object per time, then go back to the Cryptomatte node and click the + or - icon again, slowing a lot the process. Instead, it would be way more handy being able to select multiple specific objects.


Have Add and Remove to work with multiple clicks, and then press Esc to go out of the selection mode when needed.


Be able to do that when holding Shift.


Although this isn’t the place to ask for feature requests, I added it as a TODO as this is a good idea and I checked with compostors here in the studio.

Not sure that holding shift is blender way of handling this so removed that in the ticket.
Any further discussion should happen in the development ticket.


Thank you for doing this!

I’m aware, to me it’s still hard to understand the line that divides usability issues from feature requests, so thank you for reading this and making the task!