Compositor UI improvements

No, for node editors I just need fit to frame. Which currently adds this major border of empty space around everything and makes it smaller that actually would fit, but whatever…

if youre going with that, then maybe slighly different icons would be better/clearer?
anything that can tell us that we are dealing with the backdrop


:star_struck: I had this in mind when I mentioned it before.

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Agree. In the video above I was just reusing existing icons for demonstration purposes. I would also need new icons for

  • Fit to view
  • 100% or 1:1 zoom
  • Pan backdrop
  • Zoom backdrop

Any suggestions?

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heres some random stuff for inspiration

for pan and zoom, if you go with something like in the image above (zoom), all you have to do is swap the magnifying glass with a hand, and thats the pan.

fit to view is always something around those lines:


for 1:1 zoom i was thinking on something like this, but idk how it will look in a very small size:


perhaps a simple button like this would work too: