Compositor improvements

  1. We do not request core team members support many nodes, just two nodes, one is for input, another is for output, support URL I/O, they can be implemented by python scripts. we check the compositor register source code, but found current method is not good for user add compositor nodes.
  2. As a fact, we don’t care about speed, because the heavy work done by remote AI server. Just interface. Once AI server work finish, we get results. Because AI running environment maybe very complex, put share libraries on blender side is not good idea, via network much more make sense.
  3. Request/Response from remote service, no licence limited. For example, we can request search task to google and return results to blender users.

This could be done as an addon quite easily, so I don’t think core devs should take some of their precious time to tackle such an issue. You can very easily implement a python script that connects to a web server within blender and as you said, performance isn’t really an issue.


We hope there are node style, not add on, as you know, node-base is much more grace, right ?
With little effort, get great progress, I think it is real worth.
With these, world is open and colorful, not only for AI, without it, blender is almost close and gray.

Of course, there are another way, blender open compositor node development method, user can add nodes free.

You can make an addon that adds nodes. I don’t know how a node like this would look but it is definitely possible.

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For this kind of calculation gpu can only do acceleration in specific cases, after all, this thing is not a random sweep of the path-tracing rendering algorithm, gpu instructions simple, and no branch prediction, no chaotic execution, multi-core anti-arbitration mechanism, the accuracy is worrying.
gpu is like a gatling machine gun very fast dry down a bunch of enemies, but very far away from the enemy hard sweep efficiency is very low (give enough time will always hit), such as the real brute force to calculate and cpu consistent accuracy is not as good as cpu, this time cpu such automatic rifle advantage is very big, far away from the target open multiplier single point.
So gpu and cpu each have their own suitable situation, if the extremely streamlined instructions must be able to make complex instruction set dry but what is the point of existence of complex instructions? Gatling machine gun the world invincible why do you need to produce automatic rifles, sniper rifles?

Please, Add MIN and MAX output to Levels node.

It`s 21k - and there is still no way to normalize black-n-white gradient map directly in composer.

Bumping the thread.

I happened to come accross this project these days. At this moment the technique is focused in GLSL shaders, though it can serve as a good foundation on what things are going to be, a POC.


Did anyone here test any of the work on the Compositor by Manuel Castilla:
:anchor: T88150 Full Frame Compositor (

It can be switched on here:


If Blender had a real-time compositor that was able to take different view layers and mask them together live, you would essentially have light linking with a lot more flexibility.

I suppose you would have to add a ‘Camera’ node in the compositor which could select different view layers/scenes and use the cryptomatte to mask them together. Then if you could wire that to an ‘Viewport’ node or the normal composite mode, you could see your final render live in your viewport.

Great! So where is the discussion thread for the Viewport Compositor that is already in development? / · rB

I have no idea. I assumed that Clément Foucault or Omar Emara would start a new thread when they were ready for feedback.

I’ve used the viewport compositor and it’s still very early stages, but I would also like to see a thread where I can offer my input. I’m really excited at the possibility of using a real-time compositor for all my work.

Here’s a youtube video of someone showing it’s current state:


Thanks for the demo, it was very informative. I look forward to more nodes being turned on.

Me too, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this to be done anytime soon.

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looks like a big project. are there any developers who left the foundry recently and are willing to join the blender development?


Option to zoom out of the compositor view as you can in the view port.
When You zoom out or zoom in in the compositor it zooms from the center of the image which is annoying . I think it should be fixed and made similar to zooming in the view port.

Weird, here it either zooms to the center of the screen or to the position of the mouse cursor.
The latter is an option that can be set in
preferences → navigation → Zoom → Zoom to Mouse Position

IMO it behaves exactly like the 3d viewport.

No what i meant is the compositor backdrop ,and another thing is you cannot zoom in an out of the backdrop with mouse u have to use the shortcut “v” or “alt v” or use the side panel

try with your mouse on the red circles. The mouse corsor should change to indicate that the box with the rendered image can be zoomed…via mouse
Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 6.28.11 am

Ah, I see. Yes, that would be good.
As for the v and alt-v it makes sense to create a custom shortcut and put zooming the background on ctrl-mouse wheel or shift-mouse wheel. These are by default occupied by scroll left/right or scroll up/down in 2D views which is rather useless imo.


Hello, is there any way to organize the wire/pipe in the compositor so it looks clean and neat ? in Nuke we have “hide input” option in node properties to hide the wire if the node is not selected, this is helpful to stay organized.

I try to avoid something like this where the wire connection looks complicated

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