Compiling on Windows 10 fails in cycles_render.vcxproj

Windows 10, Visual Studio 2017, CUDA 9.1. Using ‘make release’ which used to work a few days ago, I today get an internal compiler error within the file cycles_render.vcxproj:

The description underneath in German basically states that

the program around line 522 in ncolormd.c should be simplified or changed.

Never even heared of such an error message before, so it might well be a sidetrack. I did compile a make full yesterday successfully, will try soon to do so today. Is this compilation error known already?

What version of 2017 are you on? also is this master or 2.8?

if it’s 2.80 we all getting the same error, @brecht any idea on this?

It’s a bug in the compiler, @quollism mentioned a workaround on irc

I probably don’t have time to look at this until later today, so for now the workaround will have to get you by, unless @brecht has time now…

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I get two errors.

c:\blender-git\blender\intern\cycles\render\stats.cpp(295): fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the co
mpiler. [C:\blender-git\build_windows_Full_x64_vc15_Release\intern\cycles\render\cycles_render.vcxproj]
cl : Command line error D8040: error creating or communicating with child process [C:\blender-git\build_windows_Full_x6

2.8 branch, VS 2017, 15.7.6. make full

It’s the 2.8 branch, VS 2017, 15.8.1. make full fails as well.

2.8 branch, VS2017 15.7.3

Have the same 2 errors as @AFWS
Deleted “build_windows_Full_x64_vc15_Release” and redownloaded the windows libs (sometines this helped)
and tried again a “make release 2017”
But got the same erros again

fixed!, pull and you should be good to go!

Build succeeded, thanks a lot!

yep, and it’s Beta :slight_smile:

YEAY, love the 2.8 beta splash screen.

Yeah , works for me as well . yes cool splash screen !!
You are sooo fast fixing stuff,… amazing , thanks !