Compiling master on MacOS requires include directive in Audaspace

For those who might face the same issue, I took the master branch of Blender and compiling failed because of Audaspace missing min and max functions in std:: so it looked like there was a missing include directive somewhere as mentioned on Stackoverflow.

In your local blender git repo:

  1. open ./extern/audaspace/src/respec/ChannelMapperReader.cpp
  2. add #include where other includes are at the top of the file

Compilation then worked fine.

Did you try with the latest master? I didn’t test it yet but this commit could’ve solved the issue:

I did a fresh install by cloning the master branch of Blender yesterday. Maybe I’m missing something obvious and you’re right, that commit should have solved it.

I simply used

git clone

which defaults to master branch, confirmed by

git branch

that yields *master

FYI, there is no longer this issue on the latest branch.