Compile blender error "fatal error LNK1181 :cannot open input file... numapi.lib ... \blender.vcxproj]"

i did not get the “Blender successfully built message” so i entered “make update”
below is the build.log file screenshot

I did a git pull manually and another make release and the problem had disappeared. Not sure if those actions were responsible for making it work or not.

I have got this the last two times. It normally works if I try to build again.

im sorry im not a programmer, i did another “make full” and i get this message at the end

– Installing: C:/blender-git/build_windows_Full_x64_vc15_Release/bin/Release/./readme.html

i think i am supposed to get the message that says blender successfully built?
i check in the bin/release folder and there it is… the latest blender 2.79 build dated today.

i have no idea what just happened.

That’s often the last line of the build output I get with 2.8 on Windows, so I think you’re all set. Usually if there’s a problem it will explicitly display an Error of some sort.

It should give you “c:\blender-git\blender” after the readme.html(I think) when finished. In the past it gave a build successful message ,but I haven’t seen that for awhile.

d:\blender_2.8_git\blender\intern\cycles\render\stats.cpp(295): fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler. [D:\Blender_2.8_git\build_windows_Full_x64_vc15_Release\intern\cycles\render\cycles_render.vcxproj]

i am getting warning and an error but for cycles,this one is preventing full compilation,
probably due to new commits, yours is missing a library file.

are you compliling 2.8? yesterday my 2.79 built successfully, today i am trying to build 2.8 and im also getting a the same problem. should i keep doing “make full” and wait till it fixes itself or what?

2.80 and still the same, i think we should report it.