Command Line on Cursor to perform command without menus

hi my name is Luis. i want to know if is posible create blender command alias that will be a text field on the cursor that allow the user to type letter combination and activate with space bar, activate any command inside blender.
is textfield that activate when tiping on keyboard automatic this tipping letter combination provide the easy way to perform any task inside on blender without searching for menus and modifiers.

imagine activate mirror modifier just with type “MI” and press space bar to activate that command on the selection.

create create a cube by pressing “cb” and press space bar to activate the command.

this command bar is connect with note pad that have latter combination and next to combination command to perform the task.

am wondering if anyone can show me the way to start to work on this project.

Good idea, similar to AutoCAD and Rhino 3D…

Have you ever tried to press the F3 key? :slight_smile:

Yes but you need to type and select what you want to execute command.

In Autocad you type letter combination and the system auto complete the command and have assign combination to activate commands.

Y think that is more practical than search for hundred of menus inside of blender.

The command also have subroutines attached to each command.

Like for example if you what to perdone a mirror in a deformer you can add the properties of the diformer inside that commmand and not performed the deformed and adjust manually