Collection Emission ordered on mesh data

I want to make a script that makes it easy to create shortcut sheets that could be translated to all languages and updated after keychanges. That works so far.

Now i want to layout the shortcuts on a grid or any other mesh and use hair particels on a collection of shortcuts. But thats seems not to work, nor in order or direction.
Is there a solution for that?

Any hint how to get a collection ordered mapped on a sequence of vertices are welcome

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Workaround (grid for example):

  • dont delete the faces, without faces the particles emitted from vertices rotate in every direction

  • set the “emission / number” to the count of the collection, uncheck “source / random”, set “emit from” -> “verts”

  • the vertices count need to be an divisor without rest, if you have 10 objects in the collection use 10*n vertices in the emitter

  • it the rotation dont fit, use “advanced” and “rotation” to align the objects

  • under “render” uncheck “show emitter” to hide the grid if wanted

  • using an array modifier needs “use modifier stack” checked under “emission / source”

  • in edit mode under “mesh / sort elements” you can influence the vertices order,
    to see the vertices indeces numbers, enable “developer extras” in “preferences / interface”, switch view of indeces number in “edit mode” on/off in use “viewport overlays / developer indices”