Code completion breaks because "cannot open source file "unistd.h""

Hi, I’m working on an exporter for PLY files, and am currently in the process of writing Unit tests.

When including "testing/testing.h" my IDE (VS Code)'s intellisense complains that there are include errors. Following this trail of breadcrumbs reveals this code in logging.h:

#if 1
# include <unistd.h>

Since I’m working on Windows, unistd.h doesn’t exist. Blender’s build scripts don’t seem to mind, but intellisense doesn’t know that. That means it now refuses to provide completion on any files that (indirectly) include logging.h.

How can I fix this? I’m using the latest versions of VS Code and the C++ extension.

Also if this is the wrong place to ask this, I’d love to know where this belongs.