Cmake-gui problem in OSX

Hello, I’m trying to make cmake-gui works but it’s very strange for me that appear problem with file not found ( in target folder. What I’m doing wrong here?


I too get:
Detected OS X 10.14 and Xcode 10.3 at /Applications/
OSX_SYSROOT_PREFIX: /Applications/
Using /Users/me/blender-build/blender/…/lib/darwin/openmp for OpenMP
ERROR: File Not Found. (-43) on file: /Users/me/blender-build/build/bin/
Configuring done

And that app is built after project is built in Xcode, so it kinda makes sense. But it works fine when you’re done configuring, generating and hitting open project (and make little changes there as said in wiki)

Also, my current generator is Xcode.

For the render test error: