Cmake error Building 2.79 on OSX

Getting an error after cloning, make update, then ‘make’
I get the following:

Configuring Blender in “/Users/joelgodin/blender-build/build_darwin” …
/bin/sh: cmake: command not found
make: *** [all] Error 127

I don’t see a ‘/build_darwin’ folder.

Any ideas or help is appreciated.

Cmake 3.13.3
Build date 01/28/19
macOS 10.13.6

This means CMake can’t be found, did you follow these instructions?

Yes, set the path and all.
I usually just open and use Cmake, but I was getting an error in Xcode
so Robert suggested use the ‘make’ command to see better where the error was coming from.

I first set the path as instructed:
export PATH="/Applications/":"$PATH" echo PATH="/Applications/":"$PATH" >> ~/.profile

then also did bash_profile

This is the original error on Xcode:

  • Is CMake installed in /Applications/
  • Does the file /Applications/ exist?
  • Does running echo $PATH in the terminal print a string with the cmake path?
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Set the path again and this time it worked.
Don’t know why it didn’t take the first time.

So it built 2.8, I was going for 2.79.
If we are still patching 2.79 how to direct the build to that?

the master branch is 2.8 it used to be 2.79, the setup you use is for the master which is the default build.

git checkout blender-v2.79b-release

will change you to the old 2.79 branch but be warned you may need to have to configure your dependencies addons etc to make sure they are 2.79 friendly. It will only become trickier and trickier to build Blender 2.79 as the time passes and dependencies change , especially if you are new to this. So don’t be surprised if you run into problems.

So this units exercise we are doing, that is for 2.8?

no idea what you are talking about
what exercise ?
what units ?

The units thing is for 2.8.

For 2.7 builds, typically you want the blender2.7 branch. The blender-v2.79b-release tag is nice if you want exactly the 2.79b release, but no development happens on top of that.

Sorry, T60824
List of Properties that should use the Units system

Gotcha, thanks for everything guys.

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