Cmake error at Ubuntu 20.04 - Unknown arguments specified

Hi friends,
I have a Cmake error when i try to compile Blender at Ubuntu 20.04, which worked just fine before a few weeks. The repo is cloned from scratch already, and everything is up to date.

Has 20.04 reached EOL for building Blender, or did i stumble across a bug here?
Kind regards

The error needs a look over by @ideasman42 , in the meantime setting WITH_GHOST_WAYLAND=Off in /home/x/blender_git/build_linux/CMakeCache.txt will likely sidestep the issue.

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Many thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

I think i found my mistake. My installation was quite old, and i missed a change in the Install packages part of the Blender wiki advice. So no bug. But simply a missing dependency at my Ubuntu. libxkbcommon-dev

Many thanks for help :slight_smile:

Still it should have failed gracefully

Ah i see. So it was nevertheless good that i have asked here :slight_smile: