Clipping Region is quite confusing in LookDev and Rendered view mode

Since it doesn’t work in these modes and there is no apparent feedback when it is enabled it leads to some confusion sometimes.
Ex.: I’ve got back to work after lunch, tried to select an object and it didn’t work. Pressed Z and everything disappeared. I was quite lost for a moment until I understand the Clipping Region was enable to another object far away from what I was working now.
It is not a big deal, but it’s a quite annoyingly good paper cut.

Probably some way to sign it is enable would be great. Something like this: image
It would be great to have a similar feedback for Toggle Local View as well.

Even if it is ‘fixed’ to work in those view modes it still lacks a proper UI feedback.



Here is a file:
Please, select the green or yellow monkey. Quite annoying if you are distracted or concerned about other things.