Cleaning up after blender!

Ok, I see no one talking about this but it’s getting messy people! (at least on windows!)
just go to: “%AppData%\Blender Foundation\Blender” and count how much space it gets! (or count how many blender versions you used before just for the fun of it!)
not to mention tmp folder on default c drive!

is there anywhere else that blender is storing stuff? because I think after using blender for some time and now that we have a new version almost every season!! we need a good automated method of cleaning up these stuff. (or get informed about it)
As sweet as the speed is, SSD space is not cheap people!

Is using blender on a usb flash drive also nest these files on first run? (that means I will fill up every pc that I used blender on -as much I wanted to isolate it to the flash drive itself-)
Is there a way to isolate blender files inside blender?
is there a way that I can make this page target my usb storage drive every time on any pc?

So that was a nag and a question all in one post.

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The space is being taken by the temporary files, auto save files etc… is if you define a different temporary folder you will relocate it to another folder and bigger drive, also it’s not a problem if you just manually delete the files in the temp folder, the only caveat is that you are going to loose the latest quit.blend and autosave files if you delete them :slight_smile:

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It was always like this, as least from 2.70. “%AppData%\Blender Foundation\Blender is used to storage config files like bookmarks, recent-files, and userpref startup files. tmp folder in C:\ is the default export / render folder location.

I believe the solution to your problem is here

Alternatively, you could create a script to auto place and delete the temporary files.

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thanks. though it would be good if we had the option for choosing it.
OR had the option when we change default locations to transfer all old data to new location by a button or something.
how is it on Linux? does it store everything under /home or does it have separate places out of home by default like windows?

I don’t like ressurrecting an old thread, but I ran into a similar issue today. Somehow my C drive was full. After some investigation I realized I have 300gb of autosaves and .log files.
I assumed Blender cleans up after itself and deletes old stuff, but apparently not. Would be nice to have an option to remove these files that are older than a user defined number. I’d set them to 3 months, for example.

Temp files are managed by the OS, those files shoudl disappear after a reboot, at least in your case since you are in the system temp folder, if you define another folder you can manage it manually.

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What do you use to show folder size in the file tree in front of the folder name/as part of the folder name? Is that an add-on or some Windows feature I can’t figure out? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

A program called “TreeSize”, free version. Works decently enough to visualize folder size since Windows doesn’t do it.

As for the temp file bloat, most of it were Blender autosaves, with a lot of Photoshop temp files. No idea why it wasn’t cleaned up, maybe something in Windows was broken. I have reinstalled the OS and since then there seems to have been less trash like that.

Oh how did I miss this?! Thank you very much for your quick response, I just installed it, works like a charm!

Thanks again friend…!