Changing texture path

I’ll try to ping the super guru @brecht.

In previous versions of Cycles I was able to stop the render and change the texture by typing (and make another render after that)

((ccl::ImageTextureNode*)cyclesTex)->filename = newPath;
((ccl::ImageTextureNode*)cyclesTex)->is_float = -1;
shader->need_update = true;
scene->shader_manager->need_update = true;

Notice that the is_float = -1 is the key, unfortunately, this is no longer available;

Now that code without the is_float = -1 seems to have no effect, probably I’m missing an update function but I cannot imagine which one, also there is a need_update variable in Image* but it doesn’t seem to be accessible from the ImageTextureNode.

Thank you in advance for any tip.