Changing name of object in "Add Object" Panel

Hi! I’ve always felt that it’s hard to stay organized when adding a lot of primitive objects in Blender. I often end up with a long list of Cubes, Spheres, Planes, etc…

It would help people stay more organized if there was a way to change the name of an object right when you add it. I have a working patch for this that’s almost ready to submit.


There are other places to edit the names, but they aren’t right in the 3D view, and they edit the name after the creation and the unique-ification, so I don’t think this introduces unnecessary redundancy.

I’m wondering about a few things regarding the implementation:

  1. It would look better if the text box was the same length as the other boxes. I’m still looking for a solution to this though.
  2. I added a new function, ED_object_add_object_name, that adds the input name property so that the name input field is optional. This would require a couple changes to each add object function in object_add.c. It would be more intrusive, but simpler if this change was baked in to ED_object_add_generic_props.

Do you think this would be a helpful change?


And would become essential, if dealing with asset managers … just imagine having a large asset collection of cups, all in standard named cup … and in the point and click universe you usually drag and drop the item from the asset library to the scene. If you then have cup, cup.001, cup.002, … you’ll certainly go crazy, remembering where a certain cup came from.

Makes sense. Added here:

Great! The way I’m doing it right now isn’t ideal, because it asks the name of the primitives even in edit mode.

I’m searching for a way to refactor my change and hopefully make it more general. When I solve that I’ll put up a patch on that task.

Would it be possible to also add a textbox for the mesh name or at least have the mesh be the same name as the object?

Also… Will this apply to all objects (lights, empties, etc)?

Do you mean the mesh data block? I haven’t looked into that, but I’m not sure it’s used enough to expose it to such a common menu.

I think it should probably be consistently added for all objects, but for things like GI probes and forcefields… I’m not sure. It would be nice to have more opinions about that.

I’m sorry, I’m just used to dealing with meshes more than other objects, but yes, the data block.

It would be great to name everything right there, at the moment of creating any object. It makes a lot of sense. Having said that, I would be a bit concerned about it causing confusion. A lot of people, especially beginners, would have no clue what that is. I know it took me a while to understand what it is and how it works.