Changing Material Alpha in LookDev

Greetings fellows Blenderers!

I’m here to share with you with my most ‘nightmare-ish’ paper cut in Blender 2.80.
I use planes with alpha channel a lot and using Cycles. Painting projects, arch viz trees, bushes, etc. Default look in LookDev mode is something like this when shaders are set:

If I want them look like this:

I have to switch Renderer to Eevee (I use Cycles as I mentioned), go to material settings, set alpha for each material (not an ‘alt’ option for applying to all selected) and back to…
Cycles again because it has not such options in its material settings or viewport display!

My beloved Devs! please transfer those settings from Eevee to Cycles before UI frozen?
Or maybe set alpha blend or alpha hashed default?

Solid mode with texture works perfectly well btw, but that is not enough.


Are you sure? It seems to work perfectly fine on my end. I just add a png through “Images as Planes”, switch to Cycles, and transparency is already there…
Edit: Oh, wait, you mean LookDev, my bad. LookDev is basically Eevee, so it makes sense that the settings will be there. I think there was some discussion about being able to change settings for different engines without switching…

My approach is the same. Yes. Transparency is there except LookDev mode both in Eevee and Cycles.
Problem is Eevee has options for that, Cycles doesnt…

Przy okazji: Greetings from Lodz @HubertTomaszewski :wink:

This is a bigger feature to implement most likely, it would require auto-detecting what’s in the shader graph and adding some new alpha mode. However auto-detecting is problematic unless there is smart optimization of shader node networks to remove unused nodes, since otherwise custom uber shaders will always be detected as having transparency and render slower.

For that reason this is out of scope as a paper cut.