Change the default "Image As Plane" node setup

I finally upgraded from 2.79 where adding an image as a plane had a simple Diffuse and Transparent shader node setup that reproduced the original image exactly however 2.83 has a different setup with an alpha input into the Principled BSDF shader that results in a hazy version of the image that would require additional modifications to replicate the original. In 2.79 replacing the Diffuse shader with Principled causes the same problem so using a straight Diffuse/Transparent node setup produces the better results without the need for extra adjustments.

Personally I edit images externally prior to adding to the scene rather than editing it within the scene. Is there a way to modify the default node setup to the way it was is 2.79 or add my own default?

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This is the result of the default IAP nodes in 2.83