Change Poly Build's default delete shortcut to Alt-click

I was practicing some retopology in Blender and while testing out the Poly Build tool I noticed that if I need to merge two vertices I have to switch to the Tweak or Box Select tool do do the merge, as Shift-clicking the vertices with Poly Build selected deletes them.

That feels very counterintuitive and slows down the retopology process significantly.

One can obviously simply change the keymap in the preferences, but I suggest that the default shortcut gets changed to Alt-click which makes a lot more sense. Thank you!

On top of that, I just noticed that changing the shortcut doesn’t affect the visual behavior:

Now I can’t delete whole faces with Alt, as only Shift “selects” all of the vertices, even after changing the shortcut.

I hope this isn’t one of those posts that get 0 replies even after 5 years :slight_smile: