Change/Disable window size limits

is there a way to disable or change the window size limits in blender?.
Thanks in advanced for any tip.

What you mean? :thinking:

I want a screen capture for window therefore the position and size of the captured window needs to be presice.
I can control it with.

import win32gui as win

w = win.FindWindow(None,'Blender Render')
x,y,w,h = win.GetWindowRect(w)
print (x,y,w,h)

but the result is.

0 0 1554 192

The blender window has a min and max size and i want to overcome this limitation but i guess there is no option to disable this limitation.
If you test it by hand you cant make the window smaller than 192 pixels in the y direction.

You may do it the other way round by fixing Blender’s window size & location and then cropping/resizing your screenshot.

I dont get what you mean ?
The command line options do the same thing like the win32gui library and a screenshot is a static picture but i need a interactive realtime window.

Sorry I misread. I thought that this is about a screen capture.

Yes its a realtime screencapture for LED.
The opened window (from a LED controller software) captures and displaye everything what is visible behind it on the LEDs.