Carve & Bmesh: Best of both world for effective design

Hi people,
I hope you fine and everything is going well for everybody. I’m Wesley Vanitou and I’m a 3d modeler from Guadeloupe. As I’m a new user I can’t post multiple images so you’ll find a compilation of them at the end.

I write this topic today hoping it can be something meaningful to the dev team. Recently was announced that carve will no longer be supported by Blender and I think it is very smart to focus on improving one solver instead of both. I don’t know if I can call those suggestions but some behaviors of carve was extremely smart and I want to describe them a little bit.

Booleans on joined meshes.
Something that was in my opinion really amazing about Carve was that when boolean a multi-mesh object it treated like one piece.
This behavior was really interesting because it removed the need to union via a boolean those 2 meshes and perform the boolean operation safely where bmesh creates open meshes.
And you can go really far with this approach by adding a lot of details with one boolean modifier.

Faces proximities
Another thing carve was providing is the ability to create perfect shape profile because it doesn’t care about face proximity as long as the edges are larger than the surface which allows you to have a nice and smooth curve and bevels.
There is almost no limit on the type of profiling you can do. Basically, you can do full CAD operations directly with meshes.
Of course, you can do it with bmesh too, Just the speed of execution with carve was really astonishing because it was just about joining meshes together.

Just some thoughts about why some aspects of carve were really good in my opinion. I really hope this was informative

Guys, Thank a lot for everything you do, We can’t thank you enough for this amazing software it is just absolutely fantastic.

Take care and have a nice day ;).

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