Can't select hash/version text on splash screen (for bug reports)

  • I always try to make bug reports on the latest buildbot
  • When making bug report, would like to be able to select -> copy -> past the version/hash into my bug report
  • If you try to do this you click on the splash screen which then disappears


  • Would like this text to be highlightable/selectable so i can copy it to the system clipboard and paste it into another app

There is a dedicated command in the help menu for bug reporting that will fill all of this information automatically for you. Go to Help -> report bug.

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Oh, thanks for letting me know!

Apparently they solved the problem of not being able to select the Hash information by removing it directly. Really?
Apparently now when I try to give support to users in forums and I want to know exactly the Blender build that the user is using, I’m going to have to waste more time to access the date/hash of my version, and to explain to the user how he should do to see the date/hash in his build.

Still trying to figure out how to access to hash information in builds. Edit: Help > Save system info

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The hash is in the about page now.

App icon/About Blender:


Weird, I know. The “About Blender” should be in the Help menu, but you know, this is blender. :upside_down_face:

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OK, thanks.