Can't run under pure Wayland (Linux) after compiling with "WITH_GHOST_WAYLAND"

Howdy, I built Blender with WITH_GHOST_WAYLAND but can’t get it to run under a pure Wayland session (sway, voidlinux). Pretty obscure distro ik.
Is there some flag I need to use?
neon-devel wayland-devel libxkbcommon-devel wayland-protocols libwaylandpp-devel and clthreads-devel were used as additional dependencies.
Am I missing one? (probably not)

Fails with can't open display
If Xwayland is enabled, it runs (but not under wayland).

Built with xbps-src (package building system of voidlinux)

Blender version 2.93

Paging @christian.rauch :slight_smile:

As it appears to be working for multiple other people, I’m guessing there is some issue on my side.

Will check if it even found Wayland at compile time.