Cannot open demo files

When I open the “Cube Diorama” and “Ellie Pose Library” demo files, Blender 3.0.0 opens an empty file.

(These files are compressed with the ZStandard algorithm)

I thought it was a file problem.
If I double-click on the file from Windows 10 Explorer, Blender 3.0.0 opens an empty file.
If I start Blender and open the same file with File -> Open, the file opens correctly.

That could be a file path issue. If there is unicode characters in the name or path.

Also some applications which originated from Linux , when creating folders on windows, they bypass the native windows API and do direct access to hard disk or something …

and if they use spaces at the ends of folders name , windows will not be able to properly handle that folder . You can’t even rename or delete them from gui

Did you extract the file from an archive ? what program did you use ?


@myway880, after several tests I’m sure it’s not a file path problem.
Blender tries to open the file and displays the message in the system console:
“Error: The file format is not supported”

@ldo , it is possible that this is a problem with Windows.
“File → Open” works.
And I tried the command line with PowerShell, CMD and git-bash, it works too.

I really do not know.

Is there a chance that these are not the same version of Blender? As in you launch 3.0 and then you can open the the files fine. But double-clicking a blend document in the OS file system actually launches 2.93?

Hello @Harleya.

Oh! I’m stupid, it’s true, the explorer launches Blender 2.9 …

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No worries. New in 3.0: Go to Edit / Preferences / System / Operating System Settings and click on “Make Default” - if you are running Windows. That will make it so that clicking on a blend document will open in that blender installation.


thanks for the help @Harleya.

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