Cannot Log In or Register to

Hi there.
For a while now, i cannot log in or register to
Here’s a video:

(Sorry for the low and left-panned audio. Didn’t check my settings)
It brings me to a registration page, and if i continue, it says that the name is taken, and there is no way around it.

Could someone please Help? I want to report a bug.

/////////// @admins /////////////////

the username indeed already exists on Gitea, but with a different mail adress. (vis***@****). Is that you? Please let me know the entire mail adress for confirmation. I will then change the gitea mail adress to the one displayed in your video, this should make it work then hopefully.

Feel free to send me a direct message for further exchange.

Even after changing the mail adress in Gitea, @FreeMind still gets the same error message. @fsiddi @brecht Any idea?

@ThomasDinges I think it’s the number under “Authentication Sign-In Name” that makes the link to Blender ID, and that might be set wrong for some reason. I don’t have access to that, it would be for @fsiddi or @sybren.

Alternatively it will probably work to delete the account and let it get re-created, but it’s associated with a bunch of existing issues so it’s not ideal to lose that.

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@FreeMind send me an email to [email protected] with all the relevant info (like blender ID email address/username, Gitea address/username) , then I can look into it after the weekend.

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