Cannot find an unassigned good first issue

Hello, I am a beginner developer, and quite new to blender itself. I read the developer intro page, and it suggests me to start contribution by solving some issue from the Good First Issue list.
I tried searching for an issue to begin contribution, but I couldn’t find any issues that haven’t already been completed or weren’t assigned to someone.
Please advise on how I can start contributing, or if my understanding is wrong, then please forgive me.
I am sorry if this discussion is redundant, I am really new to open source development, and I didn’t know any other way to understand what to do.

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Think a whole bunch of people assigned them selves and then couldn’t fix the problem and lost interest.

Especially the good first issue tickets shouldn’t take a whole lot of time, if there’s any of these tickets with someone assigning them selves weeks ago or longer and no movement since, just go for it, first one with an accepted patch gets to fix the bug.


I do not believe.

There’s a lot more unassigned stuff here…

If you have any preference in the field of blender, please indicate it.

Although it would be nice to go through all the old tasks and ping the news…

okayyyy thanks a lot, will go through the list again and find something that interests me.

Looking at that list of projects above, a lot of them strike me as a bit heavy for a first issue. Your mileage may vary.

If you are new to development and Blender, as an exercise you might pick a text string in the UI and try to modify it. This will get you familiar with development tools like git and the debugger for your compiler AND acquaint you with Blender’s source code.


yeah they do feel quite heavy, thank god its not just me who thinks that!
I will definitely try prodding around the source code as you have mentioned. Thank you so much!

Yeah you may be right there, reflecting on it good first issues are somewhat cursed, any seasoned dev has the natural instinct of going “ahh it’ll just be a quick fix, i’ll just do it my self!” so they don’t get tagged and left for others to fix that often. Why leave a bug that could be fixed in a few minutes of time.

Of the tickets that do get tagged, the real easy stuff gets plucked off rather quickly, so the only tickets that survive long term are likely the less obvious ones.

I have 1 ticket so far, which I think is more suitable for beginners to learn lazy computation of geometry nodes. But if my ticket was classified as difficult, then I can’t help here :upside_down_face: