Can the submitted code contain UTF special characters or emoji

Can the submitted code contain UTF special characters or emoji.

I’m a novice, and I have to study the code because I need to make tools in Blender.
Here I would like to ask some questions about the code specification:

If I do a feature and want to submit.

  1. Can special characters be included in the code?
    two。. Can I use emoji?

Because it is difficult to read all English variable names, these special characters and emoji can make it easier for me to read the code.
I will use the variable name of Emoji with English, which is easier to observe than English or Chinese.

But I don’t see these in the documents you submitted. Is this not allowed?

I think the VC compiler that Blender uses by default can compile most UTF characters, and visual studio can also display emoji.

If not, I may not be ready for future contribution code when I start making features, and I haven’t considered whether or not to prepare for contribution.

If I don’t contribute here, can I still talk about developers here?

Emojis as variable names or comments will almost certainly be rejected in code review. They would require the reader to guess what they could mean, quite likely leading to misunderstandings, instead of being descriptive and plainly stating what they are.

Use ASCII where possible, avoid special unicode characters such as ‘÷’, ‘¶’ or ‘λ’.

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