Can not build 2.93.1 on Windows


I am trying to build 2.93.1 on Windows but it constantly fails due to this error:

What am I doing wrong?

You’re building the 2.93 with a set of master SVN libraries, where some libraries have been updated and the 2.93 code knows nothing about that and fails building.

make update should fix this for you, but if it failed, you can move your current lib/win64_vc15 library out of the way and run

svn co

in your lib folder to grab the right ones manually.

That was the first thing I tried. I resorted to completely deleting all the folders: blender, build_windows_x64_vc16_Release and lib. Then I followed the guide Building Blender/Windows - Blender Developer Wiki again from scratch, cloning the repo, checking out 2.93.1, doing make update to download lib folder from scratch, then doing make, and I still arrived to the same error :confused:

run svn info in your win64_vc15 folder to validate what you have, if it’s not correct, use the manual instructions i provided in my previous post.

This is what SVN info returns:
Seems correct.

it doesn’t, you have the libs from trunk which will only work with master

No luck

I always run make update, and always make to sure to run it always only after I have checked out the version I need. I followed the guide precisely.

When I tried to do your process, moved the lib/win64_vc15 out of the way and ran
svn co
It has downloaded only fraction of the necessary libs, and make the did not work at all.

in case of a partial download, run svn cleanup followed by svn update in the win64_vc15 folder until it completes.

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thanks. It finally worked. the svn co command didn’t download everything, but svn cleanup and svn update did finally download it all after about 2-3 attempts. So I finally managed to build it.