Can I Pay Someone to Rigify my Shoulder Rig?

I found a video about a nice shoulder rig in Maya on Youtube:

I made my own version of it using Blender constraints, and made a post about it; NSFW, so you needn’t click, but basically it’s just a Scap/Trap/Lat/Pec setup that acts similarly to the one laid out in the video.

I grok Python/Blender, but I don’t have the time to code this into Rigify. I believe this would improve Blender/Rigify, and I have a little extra cash, so I will pay someone to put this into Rigify as a primitive, like hand, spine, etc. Maybe it could be called “shoulder” or “ScapTrapLatPec” or something?

Let me know here, or on BlenderArtists, if you’re interested.

To be clear: I have a functional shoulder rig, with all the constraints and everything set up. I just want a Rigify primitive that will generate this rig for others.

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This could be the right place: