Can I insert an OBJ that isn't just one mesh?

I am attempting to insert a .obj into Blender 2.8, and it seems whenever I do so it turns into one mesh. There should be more than 6, can I change this?

I am totally able to insert with multiple meshes in blender 2.79 but for some reason it’s much different in 2.8?

I imagine it may also depends on how you created the obj in the first place, but since you say that you previously could do it I assume you have that part right, so maybe check the settings in the import window. If you have split by object checked it should be ok.

Where is this in settings? I can’t find this.

File -> Import -> .obj -> expand the “geometry” tab on the lower right -> check split by object (and/or group)

in 2.91 split by object is checked by default.